Work With Us: Architects and Builders

When you and your clients work with Anthology Interiors, it is truly a team collaboration.  We all have a similar goal in mind: to give our clients a dream home that is both functional and eye-catching in the style they desire. Working with our firm can only make you and your clients happier, as we put customer service first and foremost. We are a calming presence for our clients throughout what can be a stressful experience, and we help communicate the needs of our architect and builder colleagues throughout the process.  We work closely with the architect to complete their overall vision through finishes and furnishings. We work closely with the builder to ensure their logistical needs are met on time throughout the process. Our experience in new home builds and remodels has been so positive that we are often called upon to help design builders' and other colleagues' own homes.  

We also have great experience collaborating on spec homes, working with a prospective buyer in mind and delivering a beautiful finished product always conscious of the bottom line.